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Crew onboard narrowboat enjoying their narrow boat holiday Narrowboat moored up at the side of the narrow canal

Roam the British countryside from the comfort of your own
floating narrowboat holiday home.

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Narrow Boat Hire

Take a break and tour the canals from the comfort of your holiday narrowboat.

There are a few vessels on which you can explore the UK canals, a narrowboat, widebeam or cruiser, with a narrowboat being the most popular option for holidaymakers, offering the ability to cruise all the UK canals in relative comfort at an affordable price.

With a narrow boat, you'll be able to experience everything England and Wales have to offer, as you'll be able to explore most of the canal system from a holiday narrowboat. If you opted for a wide beam, you would have more internal space but lose the ability to travel all the canals.

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Why choose a narrowboat over a widebeam

The UK canal system consists of both broad and narrow canals; wide beams offer more space, but with those come limitations of available hire boats and bases. Indeed, many of the most popular route options, e.g. The Llangollen (there are back), the Cheshire ring, the Four Counties ring or Oxford (there are back), can only be done with a narrowboat as the locks on these canals and are too narrow for a wide beam at around 7ft wide.

Although narrow, their length of up to 70ft means they can accommodate up to 12 people, with all the essentials you would expect to find in your holiday accommodation included, such as Cooking facilities, a Fridge, Shower(s), etc. If you are still determining if a narrowboat is for you, why not watch the tour of narrowboat Hemplow below?.

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Holiday narrowboat moored up on the Lllangollen Canal
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How to choose the right narrowboat.

You could of-course simply go choose the boat you like the look or that is best priced for your crew size. However you'll need to decide if you want the best price or would prefer a little extra comfort e.g not needing to turn the saloon into a bed area, another thing to consider is access if you have limited mobility a Cruiser Stern may be advisable.

Please get in contact if you would like us to help you choose a boat or location.

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All our hire locations & holiday routes for narrowboats

All our hire bases offer narrowboat hire and so if as most do you want to hire a narrow boat rather than a widebeam you can choose any of our hire bases. So you can select an area you'd like to visit, or if you don't have anywhere in mind, I recommend starting with the areas nearest to you; all our bases offer fantastic holidays regardless of where they are in the country.

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