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Places to visit

Bingley Five Rise

History of the Bingley Five Rise

Opened in 1774, Bingley Five Rise Locks is one of the 7 wonders of the inland waterways. Thousands of people watched when the first boat went through this masterpiece of engineering and it has been in use ever since. Instead of a series of single locks, the top gate of one lock leads directly into the next lock chamber, with no pound in between.

Why you should visit

Bingley Five Rise Locks is an engineering feat and looks very impressive when it is approached from the bottom of the locks. It is a bustling spot which is the gateway to the 16 mile lockfree pound that runs between Bingley and Skipton on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal. It is the steepest staircase lock in the U.K. and raises the waterway 18 metres up the valley.

Aerial view of the Bingley five rise locks

Photos of the Bingley Five Rise

Looking up the Bingley Five Rise from the canal side near the bottom lock Aerial view of the boat lift, river weaver and trent & mersey canals Bird's eye view of the locks

Our hire bases that serve the Bingley Five Rise

You can visit the flight on a 4 night hire, or tackle the flight on a week-long hire to skipton from our Partners on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal.